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Sandy Penny's

"Five Minutes to Peace"
Audio Meditations 

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Stair Release & Claiming 


 Rising Sun Clearing &
Chakra Alignment ...


 Confirmations for Love, Joy
and Abundance ... 


Mantras for Life ...

Mantras w-sound.mp3

Try out
Binaural Beats Audio
to Balance Your Brain.

Try this for a huge experience.
Put on your headphones. 
Click on the Binaural Beats Audio on the left and when it launches in a new window, click the > to start it playing. choose the original tab for the audio meditations while the binaural beats are still playing, and start the Mantras for Life playing, both at the same time. Also, as you listen, repeat the Mantras out loud. I guarantee you'll be vibrating from head to toe after a while.

In Hawaiian culture, they believe that withholding forgiveness is the source of all illness, discord and evil. This audio is the Ho-Oponopono chant that is the forgiveness mantra: It basically means, I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you. 

This is a powerful chant I think you'll enjoy and find a great release as you listen to it. 


A Time in Paradise

Audio Poetry

In 1996, I spent six weeks in Bimini on a journey I was sent on by a series of dreams and visions in meditation, along with several psychics saying they were seeing me on a tropical island. I had no idea where that would be. 

I attended a family reunion, where I told my brother about my dreams and visions. When he returned to Florida, he called me and told me about Bimini. Located 50 miles off the Atlantic coast of Miami, it is a corner of the Bermuda Triangle and features the underwater Road to Atlantis. Then he said one of my guide's code phrases that signals the information is something I should act on. He said, "I think you need to go there." So I did, and that's another story, but I was inspired to write some poetry while I was there. I recently recorded it in my own voice. Feel free to listen, download and share these files as long as you credit me with them. Enjoy and watch for one of my upcoming books in my "Between the Raindrops" journey series, "Journey of the Islands." 

Below are mp3 players for the meditations so you can listen now to your favorite selection. Click the play button > on the player to listen now.

Sunrise in Bimini 


Making Love
to the Wind


Storm in Bimini 

3Storm in Bimini.mp3

Full Moon in Bimini 

4Full Moon in Bimini.mp3

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