Covenant of the Dove

Sanctuary is a halfway house for spiritual awakeners.

Paranormal, mystical and magical experiences happen every day for the people who live there and those who come for help and guidance.

Ana White has just been through a major trauma that has caused her family to consider committing her. But Ana is quite sure there is something paranormal happening to her. She shows up at Sanctuary desperate for help to get closure with Colomb, the Irish doctor with whom she has fallen madly in love.

This magical realism tale is based on a true story, and it slips in and out among the past, present and the creative plane of existence.

This is the first in a series of Sanctuary Adventures. I hope you enjoy it and come back often for new installments.

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Thanks for supporting my writing and the spiritual process.

--Sandy Penny, WritingMuse


Covenant of the Dove:

Sandy Penny's first Kindle book,
a Sanctuary Adventure 
based on a true story. 



This is where it all begins. Sandy Penny is inspired to create Sanctuary, a halfway house for the spiritually awakening. Living in a postage-stamp sized apartment with her two children, newly divorced and with few resources, Spirit asks her to find a way to move in to a three-story historical mansion in Houston's historical district. How is that supposed to happen? This is the ulimate story of one leap of faith after another in response to unseen guidance. The adventures begin.