Business Writing Services

  • Grounded in more than 20 years of corporate marketing/writing, experience combined with a unique vision of what is to come and what you can create.
  • If you need a street smart writer with bootstrap credentials, talk to Sandy about what you need. 
  • There's no charge for the initial discussion, and it just might clarify what you need in ways you can't imagine. 
  • Learn more about Sandy's newspaper publishing and writing. 

Writing Services Sandy provides:

  • article & blog writing;
  • ghost writing;
  • marketing writing;
  • web content review, writing & organizing;
  • book review & editing;
  • Twitter and Facebook postings & plans;
  • spiritual & psychic consulting for individuals and businesses.

Vision that Communicates

by Sandy Penny 

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What can Sandy do for YOU?


  • WRITING: Print & Web, Audio/Speeches, Corporate or
    Cutting Edge marketing materials, blogs, books, magazine articles, and correspondence.

  • EDITING: Print and Web Marketing/Training/Documentation.

  • CONDENSING: Books for Audio Recording, Excerpts from your Books for Magazine Articles or Blogs. 

  • CONCEPTS & HEADLINES: Print, Web and Marketing Campaigns

  • NEWSLETTER: Print & E-Mail - Concept, Write, Promote. 

  • BOOKD: Ghost Write, Co-author, Review, Edit, Proof.

  • WEBSITES & GALLERIES: Concept, Write, Edit, Launch, Manage, & Promote. 

  • MANAGEMENT: Marketing Campaigns, Web Content, Newsletters, Blogs, Bios, Magazine Articles, Executive Communiques, Speeches, P.R. 

  • FAMILY BLOGS/JOURNALS: Concept, Organize, Write and Manage. If your family has lost touch in this hectic world, this is one way to stay up-to-date on your lives and to find relatives you didn't even know you had.

  • PSYCHIC BUSINESS CONSULTING: Sandy has spent more than 30 years developing her intuition and learning to decipher the complex symbols that show up. She has helped business owners flesh out a business idea, build their business, and identify & market to their target audience. Her business experiences combines with her psychic abilities to offer you the insights that keep you on track toward your most authentic expression of personal success. She can provide a single consultation or ongoing development services. Her personal consultations are reserved for those who are committed to their spiritual growth and the growth of their clients.


COVENANT OF THE DOVE by Sandy Penny . A Sanctuary Adventure 

Sanctuary is a half-way house for the spiritually awakening. Many mystical, metaphysical and magical events happen to the people who live there and the people who show up for Sandy Penny's help and guidance. Navigating the fine line between reality, fantasy, dementia and muli-dimensionality makes the journey a precarious and fascinating one. In Covenant of the Dove, Ana White has just been through a harrowing experience that has her family considering committing her. Ana is certain that she's quite sane and only needs spiritual assistance to sort out what happened to her. She shows up on Sanctuary's doorstep in a depleted condition desperate for completion and closure with Columb Cunradh, an Irish doctor with whom she fell desperately in love. Based on a true story, the magical realism cascades into the veiled world of the past, present and the creative plane of existence.