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Sandy's American General Writing Projects ...


VALIC was the retirement services division of American General.  With no financial industry but with 20 years of publications' experience and bootstrap credentials, Sandy was hired to write and manage seven quarterly financial publications with a budget of $2 mil/annually. She managed one writer and interfaced with multiple writing, graphic design and printing vendors. All the publications were four color projects.

During her time at AG, she revamped her publications, created more investor-friendly formats and migrated several to websites in order to provide more current personal financial data. She cut the publications budget by $50,000 in one year. She also developed and launched consumer feedback questionnaires to guide the redesign of the visuals and content.

Investment Digest

 Retirement Investor Quarterly

(Redesigned, art directed, wrote, edited other writers, managed) 

When Sandy began managing Investment Digest, it was black and white, no articles, minimal information and uninteresting visuals presenting the financial data, badly in need of a change.

Links to the right are her redesigned version and some articles she wrote. She gained client participation by featuring cover artwork submitted by client artists. Feedback was that clients had never seen Investment Digest before, or if they had, they didn't read it. It was a big hit. Later, Sandy helped migrate the publication to the internet to provide current data specific to each client.




Employee Newsletter 

AGRS VISION did not exist when Sandy was hired, but based on meetings with the executives and their goals for an employee targeted publication, she put together a compelling concept, designed and art directed the cover and layout, wrote most of the articles, and managed the production, including press checks. Sample pages and articles below ...

AGRS Vision Employee News
(concept, writing, art directing, management)

AGRS Vision Cover (concepted and art directed with agency designers)

Core of the Vision - Presidential Interview (interviewed, wrote, art directed)

Fish, Biking and Employment Involvement (wrote & art directed)

Movin Up - Employee Promotions (wrote/edited)

People are Talking - Employee Comments (editing & layout)

The News is Out There - Remote Office Input (wrote/edited)

Employee Retirement Planning


Investment Digest Article Links...

Investment Digest - Sample Covers (chose art and art directed)

Welcome to Retirement Planning
(Introducing the redesign, wrote)

Dazed and Confused
(retirement investing article, wrote, art directed layout)

Municipal Bond Fund Investing
(researched, edited)

Founders Growth Fund
(researched, edited)

Read Sandy's article on the transformation of VALIC's publications and "How Sandy Serves a Company and It's Clients."