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Sandy Penny's
Newspaper Writing &
Publishing Experience 


Sandy has been writing ever since she learned how to make the letters. In high school she won three levels of a statewide essay contest on power generation, winning stock in the Illinois Power Company. In Houston, she began writing ad copy for Dresser Industries as a secretary in the advertising department. In 1979, she published her own metaphysical monthly journal, The Rising Sun, the first of its kind in Houston, TX, thereby earning her first bootstrap credential that translated into the corporate world.

2011: Sandy Penny writes the "Traveler's
Dream" column for The New Era Times.
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Next Sandy became a publications manager for an industrial insulation company, creating and writing an award winning industry trade magazine, strengthening her credentials. Then came her monthly magazine providing local events and resources for kids and parents, Family & Friends, interviewing local and national celebrities. After a few years of spiritual travel, she was then hired as publicatons manager for VALIC, American General's retirement division where she managed seven quarterly investment publications. She also wrote the Sanctuary column for the Indigo Sun magazine for three years. After moving to Taos, NM, she began writing for both local newspapers (see below). All along the way, synchronicity, vision and intuition guided her to new ventures. 


Sandy was managing an art gallery in Taos, and felt she was done and needed to make a change. The next day the owner came in and told her he was closing the gallery. She needed some work, but decided to take a little time off. A few days later, she got a phone call from the copy editor at the Taos News. Virginia said, "I had a note on my computer that you called and you are a freelance writer looking for work." Sandy replied, "Yes, I am." The editor told her to bring samples by and talk to her. Sandy had never called and left that message, but somehow a note with her phone number had ended up on the editor's computer. Mysterious synchronicity. After reviewing Sandy's samples, Virginia gave Sandy a dozen articles to write. Pdfs of those articles are below.

Taos News Special Edition
Feature Stories

Summer Guide: 4 Taos Features

Enchanted Homes Magazine:
Cover Story
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Business Success Features 

University of New Mexico-Taos

Truancy Prevention

Habitat for Humanity-Taos

Yaxche School

NNMC - Solar Center

NNMC - Continuing Education

Millicent Rogers Museum

Sears, Little Store, Big Plans

When Sandy first arrived in Taos in 2006, she contacted the Horse Fly News as a writer and proposed a healing arts section called the ButterFly. The owner, Bill Whaley, was hesitant at the time, but showed some interest. In 2008 when she had just stopped writing for the Taos News, she was in the DragonFly Restaurant, and Bill walked in. Sandy recognized all the converging fly energy as auspicious, so she repeated her offer to create a section, sell the advertising, and write the content. He agreed, and the articles below resulted.

Butterfly Section Archives

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