DreamLane ...

a place to explore your dreams
and their meanings.

Sandy Penny was one of the first
people on the internet to host a
dream site on AOL and
Compuserve, followed by a
GeoSite. She was chosen from
hundreds of people who wanted to
be the host for AOL because of
her years of studying Jung,
cultural and social icons, personal
symbology, and group archetypes,
and because she is an
internationally known visionary,
writer, psychic, medium, and
integration facilitator.

The samples of dreams posted
here were drawn from two years
of hosting the DreamLane site and
successfully helping thousands of
people interpret their dreams in
ways that helped them better
understand themselves. 


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I just started a blog to collect your dreams/premonitions to document and validate them. Post yours: http://sandypenny-dreamlane.blogspot.com/

Millions of people have dreams that come true. If you think you've had one that may come true in the future, post it on this forum so you can track the date, and if you think there is evidence showng it came true, post again what actually happened. This is to help you document what you're experiencing to validate and better understand that you are not alone in these experiences. We are connected with the Universe, the Earth, our species, every kind of group we are part of, and sometime we access those sources of information in dreams, meditation or in a flash of awareness.

This blog is to document your dreams and premonitions, so let me hear from you. Read other's dreams and premonitions in the comments and post yours in the comments. Thanks, I'm looking forward to seeing what you post. Also, I have to approve the post before it shows up, so don't think it has disappeared. That's just to prevent spam.  Click here to post your dreams/premonitions.

Living the dream  --Sandy Penny