Personal: Sandy is now offering one-hour consultations by telephone for spiritual guidance, psychic readings, healings, and integrations.

Business: She is also available to consult on your spiritual business, writing project or to help you learn to build your free Yola website.

If you would like more than an hour for your consult, please choose multiple quantities of 2, 3 or whatever you want. Click Buy Now on the left.


Private Sessions in Person

In the Albuquerque area, you can also click the Buy Now button above to pay for in-person sessions, and then schedule your appointment by Contacting Sandy. The location is off Hwy 14 at Sandia Park, about 20 miles from Downtown Albuquerque. It's a lovely drive and a peaceful place.

Sandy will soon be available at local metaphysical shops and bookstores.

Watch for upcoming announcements.


Integration Session


The integration process is facilitated by a deep level meditation so you can connect with your inner guidance, meet your inner facets who are either helping you or holding you back from expressing who you truly are and what you came here to accomplish.

With Sandy holding the energy, you will dialogue with your inner community and resolve old issues and create new pathways for your happy, successful life. You can release long-held fears, body memories, inhibiting patterns, childhood issues and find new aspects of your Self that are strong, powerful, resourceful, wise and highly connected.  

The integration process takes about two to three hours and costs $150. This is for serious seekers who are committed to their own personal growth and ready for a big change. Click Buy Now above to schedule your integration.  Click to send an email to ask Sandy more questions about this process. 


Coming Soon: Sandy's Audio Books to Download



Spiritual Growth


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