Testimonials from Psychic/Visionary Clients

(NOTE: A. did not survive her cancer, but she left happier and more grateful for her life than she had ever been. She cleared so many misunderstandings with her children and her husband and released so much multi-life and family karma. I am proud to have assisted in that. --Sandy Penny) 


"I'm writing this to you because I don't know if I will survive my third bout with cancer, and because I so value the work we've done together. You gave me strength to keep on living when I was so tired. My relationship with my husband and my children was based on me trying to control everything in their lives. I never saw this until you and I did past life work together. When the pattern kept showing up again and again through our work together, I finally got that aha moment where I saw what I was doing to my family and myself. I was making all of us miserable. I had a lot of apologies to make, and you helped me clear so many issues and focus on the positive things in my life. And, before you, I never hugged anyone. I didn't know what I was missing. Your hugs broke down all those barriers for me."
Much Love - A.


"Thank you so much for hooking me up with Fine Art America. It has helped me market my photographs in ways I never anticipated. I didn't have a website, and now I can send potential art patrons to view my work and hopefully buy it. Your insight into my work and how to keep my focus while making a living was very important. Even my relationships have benefited from your vision of what was really going on when I was having a melt down. You're a rock. Thank you, thank you. LS


Thank you, Sandy, for three years of counseling me through a lawsuit that I never thought I would win. You held the vision for me to persist because I was championing more than my own interests. You were the only one who saw the outcome and the bigger picture that set a precedent for corporations to have to support the people they use up and throw away. After my nervous breakdown, you helped me reclaim my power and rebuild my confidence. For that, I will never forget you and you deserve a high place in heaven. My husband thanks you too. Thanks for all those nights you picked up the phone when I was freaking out. Your patience is a mega gift."  MARY


"Over the years, you have helped me come back to center when I was wallowing in my "poor me" complex. When I felt victimized by the world, you reminded me that I was a powerful spiritual being, and you helped put me back on my creative path. When I could not accept what you were seeing psychically, you held the vision steady and reminded me that my challenges would soon be over. I love you for that, and my life is better for knowing you. Best of luck with your site." EMMA


"After you helped me through a difficult personal time by connecting with my guides and addressing the core issues, I opened up substantially and was able to see the direction I needed to pursue. Your spiritual channeling for my path has helped me not only move forward, but get back on track many times. Your reminders that I am a powerful, spiritual being with a mission keep me following my heart. Thanks." TJ


"When I was looking for a career change, but I didn't know what it should be, you helped me create a program to attract a new idea that would honor my gifts, talents and desires. I'm so much happier in my own business now than I ever was working in the corporate world. You taught me so many spiritual principles that I have been able to apply to my life every day. I keep growing, and I thank you for gently nudging me toward my greater good. You're awesome." WILLIAM