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What Creates Success in the Aquarian Age? 

By Sandy Penny
In this time of shifts, changes and re-creation, it’s no longer time to go it alone. One of the requirements for success in the Aquarian Age is the establishment of community. I notice it happening all around me now. People are creating groups for all kinds of endeavors. We’ve always known that networking helps build success, but now, more than ever, it’s absolutely necessary. And, of course, we now have social networking opportunities galore on the internet, the Aquarian Age business venue.

A New Way to Look at the Challenges

Every time you see an old paradigm business struggling or failing, energy and money is being released to be reinvested in businesses and systems that better serve the greater good. Systems that no longer serve the public, but expect the public to serve them, cannot remain in this new age energy. They have to either make radical shifts in the direction of the people they serve, or they must disappear.

The old ways do not depart quietly though. They hang on by their fingernails and fight for their turf, but we, the people, must not allow them to continue their usury practices. This goes for the financial institutions, the automobile manufacturers and the oil and gas industry. And how does that change occur? The public has to vote with their dollars for what they want to support. They also have to voice their opinions to the people who represent them to those larger institutions. I am not a politically oriented person, but at this time, if you want your desired changes to occur, you must take the action (even if it is only in the other dimensions) to visualize and create the positive changes you want.
Spirit of Community

In the spirit of community, it’s also a time to remember that you can call on those you love and those who are your supporters to hold the energy for your success at whatever it is that you are trying to create. Do not forget this. Sometimes it’s difficult to ask for help, but the truth is that by just asking others to help envision your success, even if they do nothing, just their reading your email or your speaking the request strengthens the response from the universe.

Communication is another prime directive from the Aquarian Age energy. Many people hesitate to do this, as they do not want negative feedback from the people to whom they reveal their goals, and that’s a valid point. Choose wisely who you ask for help. Choose those who understand the power of positive confirmation of your goals. I will always hold the energy for you if you ask me to. I will hold it cleanly and powerfully in the way that you ask for it.

If you’re experiencing the sense of being done with whatever you have been doing, now is the time to reinvest your time and energy in something that feels right for you. If you don’t know what that is (but most of us really do, we just may not think we can have it), begin with a confirmation: “I now know exactly what I want to be doing with my life.” Repeat that until it feels like you’re done saying it; then leave it to the universe to bring back the highest and best vision of that reality.

You don’t have to do this alone, you can ask friends to support you in drawing that to you as well. The more you vibrate with the frequency of the knowing, the faster it comes back to you. This is a time of amazing aha moments. And remember, some stranger or friend can walk up to you and give you the answer you’ve been waiting for, so honor them by listening and being open to what they are saying. If it’s not your right answer, perhaps it will help you clarify your desires or inspire you toward the right answer for you.
During this process, constantly check in with your heart and your feelings, to see if you’re on the right track. Don’t be led down the path of what you “think you should do or can do.” Expand your reality.

And last, but certainly not least, redefine success for yoursef. Make it your own vision of success. Don't use someone else's measure for your dreams.

Now, go get what you want. Go on, you can do it.

-- Sandy Penny