Now you can buy my recommended music on Amazon. After watching the videos on this page, just browse the carousel below and choose what you like. Smile.  --Sandy 

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Music & Videos to

Brighten Your Day &

Make You Smile

Let There Be Joy!

Throughout my life, I have found music that lifts my spirits, brightens my days, brings me joy and makes me want to dance. I wanted to share some of my favorites, old and new, because it speaks volumes about who I am and what gets me through this life. Hope you enjoy

 "If I were Brave," by Jana Stanfield

What Would You do if you were Brave?
What Have You done in Moments of Bravery?

Go to My Facebook Discussion and Tell Me About Your Achievements.

Listen below for my theme song, another one  by Jana Stanfield,
"I am not Lost, I am Exploring"

Bette Midler: You Got Ta have Friends 
Can You Tell this is an 80s video? Yep.

  "Hugs for the World"  Everybody Needs a Hug. 

This is so great, reminiscent of Coca Cola's "Build the World a Home." 

The happiest, most fun wedding ever. 53 million views. 

my favorite world music band from Houston, TX. Love them.