Phone Readings with Sandy Penny ... 

1 Hour Phone Reading

$ 50 USD

1/2 Hour Phone Reading

$ 30 USD

Sandy is now available for telephone readings on a regular basis. You may schedule as little as 1/2 hour or as much as you like: $30 for 1/2 hour, $50 for an hour.

Just click the buy now button of your choice, and then email Sandy to tell her your preferred time and day. She will get back to you very quickly to resolve any booking issues or to confirm the date and time you specified.


Sandy Penny Background & Style

After studying metaphysical subjects for several years and mastering several types of psychic readings (Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Channeling, Angel Cards, Runes and Numerology), Sandy began offering readings in Houston, Texas. She was a top preferred psychic there for almost 30 years. She published the first metaphysical newspaper in Houston, taught developing your intuition classes and conducted past life regressions and integrations.

In 2005, Sandy moved to Taos, NM where she spent five years writing, editing, doing readings and creating spiritual community. In 2011, she returned to Houston and is now available in the Houston area for all her services.

Anything Sandy can offer in person can also be done on the phone, including Archangel card readings, intuitive counseling, healing, visionary business consulting, integrations and past life regressions, chakra balancing, guided meditations and mediumship if the spirits are willing.

Sandy's readings are very personal, spiritual, grounded and helpful in guiding you in the direction of your highest and best good.


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