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Who Are You - Really? What Do You Dream Of? 
Who or What Were You in a Past Life?
How do you fuflill your dreams, recognize your mission and fund your passion?

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One psychic question answered for only $3.

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It's a good way to try out Sandy's intuitive
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session, you can book one for $30/half hr 
or $50/hour.



$ 10 USD

Do you have a dream that just won't stop haunting you?

If so, type it and send it to me. I hosted a Dream Interpretation site for two years on AOL. I have great insight into personal dream images using Jungian archetypes, cultural icons and common themes. After paying with the Buy Now button, go to my contact page and type in your dream, or paste text from a file. I will respond in less than 24 hours.  -- Thanks. 
Sandy Penny



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Psychic Readings & Channeling

Sandy has been using her psychic skills to channel information and provide in-depth spiritual guidance for over 30 years. She was one of Houston's top psychics for the last 25 years, and has traveled to New Zealand, Australia, Norfolk Island, Bimini and around a dozen states on invitations to share her wisdom. You can make use of her skills to help you navigate these fast changing times.

Sandy does not call on specific higher beings to provide guidance. She asks for the highest and best input for the job at hand to come through for the good of all. She always asks that only truth be spoken, and that the connections be open and clear among all concerned.

If you'd like an in-person session, email Sandy for her location & availability.

To Purchase a Reading or Channeling Session, click the DONATE Button and enter either $30/half hr. or $50/hour or whatever amount you'd like to donate. Email Sandy with your phone # and prefered reading time, and she will will respond quickly to set a time. Enter a phone # for a return call. Thanks for your interest.


At a Distance Energy Healings

Descended from a Celtic Spiritual and Natural Healer, Sandy has been working with a variety of healing traditions since 1975. Her deceased great-grandmother came to her when she was meditating and offered to help teach her healing techniques. At the time, Sandy didn't know she had a great-grandmother who was a healer, but when she asked her mother about it, she learned it was true, and that she had been named (Sandra, Man's Helper) by that grandmother.

To schedule a healing session by phone or in person, click the Donate Button to pay for the session ($30/half hr, $50/hr) and then Contact Sandy to discuss scheduling.

Sandy's mother had been told that her grandmother would pass the healing down through her, but never taught her anything. So, her mother beleived that Sandy became the beneficiary of these traditions. Sandy combines hands-on healing touch with at a distance energy healing, calling on the best healers for the purpose at hand to channel their energies through her. She combines her empathic abilities, her inner vision, and her ability to open healing channels to assist you in your own healing process. There is no distance in the transmission of Source energy.

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The integration process is facilitated by a deep level meditation so you can connect with your inner guidance, meet your inner facets who are either helping you or holding you back from your highest and best expression of who you truly are and what you came to this planet to accomplish. With Sandy holding the energy, you will dialogue with your inner community and expanded teachers and guides to resolve old issues and create new pathways for your happy, successful life. You can release long-held fears, inhibiting patterns, childhood issues and find new aspects of yourself that are strong, powerful, resourceful, wise and highly connected. The process takes about two to three hours. This is for serious seekers and those committed to their own personal growth.  Many people wish to connect with their future self to be guided in the direction of their success. $100 for a 2-hour session (minimum). 


Visionary Business Consulting

If you are trying to find the right spiritual business for you, or already know what you want to do and need some guidance on how to set it up, promote it, what path to take, or how to take it to the next level, Sandy's visionary and intuitive skills can help you align with the New Age energy to gain more support for your heart's and soul's desires. She can help write your website and teach you to build your own free site on Yola, refine how you communicate about and market your business, and channel guidance specifically for your needs and goals. Whether you just want her insights or you have specific questions about investments, locations, or employees, her vision and intuition can be of great benefit when you don't yet have all the facts. Read this article on how Sandy has used her abilities for her own businesses.

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