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Real Quotes from Real Clients ... 
About Sandy's Writing


Financial Writing: American General, Houston, TX:

"With no previous financial industry experience, Sandy was hired by American General's retirement services division (VALIC) to write and manage seven quarterly financial magazines. Her before and after samples of these publications impressively demonstrate her ability to create reader-targeted content, art direct designers and develop compelling marketing communications."

Financial Marketing Materials:

Kirk Davis, Creative Director, "I had the pleasure of working with Sandy on many financial marketing projects, from brochures to ad campaigns. She was very professional and knowledgeable in all facets of finance and creative writing. She's a person of superior intellect who was able to grasp the context of an idea starting with the barest of information, build on that, and take it to a complete and logical conclusion in a short amount of time. In addition, her affability, wit and wisdom was a joy. Sandy also possessed a great ability to interact with coworkers as well as clients. She's a true asset to any organization." Email Sandy for samples.

Newsletters/Industrial Marketing Materials/ Magazine Articles and Speeches:

Ron King, Former President, Distribution International, an international corporation & distributor of industrial insulation, Houston, TX. "When it comes to writing, Sandy can do it all. She took an empty office and turned it into a marketing communications department. Whether you need employee, customer, or vendor newsletters, magazine articles or brochures, you can expect the best and get it every time, on-time."

Training Writing/Editing:

A Major International Oil and Gas Company, Training Department, Houston, TX. "Sandy Penny has been invaluable over the past ten years in editing our training manuals and self-study workbooks. Her skill, efficiency and timely completion of the work has contributed significantly to maintaining our high standard of excellence and correctness." No samples of these proprietary materials are available.

P.R./Marketing Materials/Websites:

Catherine Noyes, Catalyst Moon Public Relations, Consultant and Client Promotions, Houston, TX: "Sandy has a talent for hearing the assignment; dissecting the components; listening to the client and translating the information into the right words that create the desired impact and invoke the right emotion."  

Editing/WritingMuse Services:

Claire Papin

Former host of national radio show, "It's All Good" on Sirius Satellite Radio and Lime Radio  ... "As a Muse, Sandy Penny helped me refine and launch my magazine column, 'Joyful Earth Partnership' and my new website: She also coached and trained me to edit my own site. Her patience is legendary. As an Editor, Sandy is very good at tightening things up and bringing a masterful magical muse to the table for grammatical and content support. She always grasps the message of the writer and never changes their intent." Review Claire's audio partner page here.


Ghost Writing/
Spiritual Writing:

Mary Ellen Angelscribe, author of “Expect Miracles,” “A Christmas Filled with Miracles,” and co-host of “Angel Waves” radio show:  ... “Thank you, thank you for your trust and the opportunity to pre-read the angel book manuscript that you ghost wrote. I have waited a long time for a book of this strength and truth! The words were like crow bars, widening my heart and forcing in so much Angelic Love, I thought my heart would explode.”

Creating Emotional Impact:

Bert Katz, author and photographer of “And When I Dream” and "16th Street, Faces in the Mission” ...  "As I read the angel manuscript. I was reminded of an experience I had at the movies when I was a child, one that has stayed with me all my life. It was an animated film based on, 'The Little Match Girl.' That film touched me as much as anything I can remember in my childhood. This book did the same. Wonderful work, Sandy. Honest and true. I think you did an excellent job in making the doctor's words into a professional written work. You are a fine craftsman."